#seKODlah Opens Opportunities for Non-IT Students to Study and Build a Career in the Digital Industry

July 28, 2023

JAKARTA, July 25th 2023 - The #seKODlah x Kampus Merdeka Batch #4 program which was attended by 83 (out of 768 applicants) students from various universities in Indonesia has ended. The students took part in intensive learning from February 16th to June 30th, 2023.

Now, as many as four lucky participants will have the opportunity to go to Forest Interactive's headquarter and industry visit for one week in Malaysia. The closing of #seKODlah x Kampus Merdeka Batch #4 was ended in a series of events at the #seKODlah Closing and Awarding Day which was held online on July 5th, 2023.

In the event, several awards were also given to the best participants, including Fauzan Fakhrizal Azmi, a Physics student at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology who received the Most Valuable Participant (MVP) award; Rizqina Kurniawati, a student of International Relations at Budi Luhur University, was awarded the Most Valuable Participant (MVP); Franklin Rafael Geovani, student of Utilization of Fishery Resources Universitas Brawijaya won Most Academic Excellence; and Oktaviani Diah, a Sociology student at the National University who won Most Academic Excellence.

During the #seKODlah Closing and Awarding Day event, Johary Mustapha, CEO & Founder of Forest Interactive also gave several messages to #seKODlah Batch #4 or cohort 2 participants regarding what they will face in entering the current digital era.

Initially, Johary said Forest Interactive Foundation noted that more than 75% of #seKODlah participants in the first and second cohorts were women. This is in line with one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to promote gender equality. Currently, women only have one in five jobs in technology and this figure is still far from the SDGs target.

"I want to quote the words of Prof. Akhmaloka, former Chancellor of Pertamina University, said that only 30% of students at universities in Indonesia are studying in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. This figure is still very small considering the need for digital transformation and technology acceleration in the future," said Johary.
"Recently, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released a list of professions that will make a major contribution in the next five years in Indonesia. AI & Machine Learning Specialist and Data Analysts and Scientists are two of the various roles mentioned by the WEF. Therefore, this is the right time for students who isn’t from a STEM background to upskill their technological abilities," added Johary.
Johary appreciated the students who took part in #seKODlah x Kampus Merdeka program because they had attended the various series of workshops that had been provided. “My message is to remember that competition to enter and develop in today's technology industry is not easy. I want to congratulate you all. You have been a source of inspiration for me and the #seKODlah team. Keep fighting and improve your ability to face future challenges. I believe you are future leaders who will bring positive changes to Indonesia and the world. Welcome to the world of tech talent competition!” said Johary.
83 students from various universities in Indonesia participated in #seKODlah x Kampus Merdeka Batch #4

#seKODlah – Developing Future TECH Innovators organized by the Forest Interactive Foundation opens opportunities for students from non-STEM or information technology (IT) majors to study and have careers in the digital industry. This is proven from the number of times #seKODlah was held, most of which were attended by students from non-IT majors.

#seKODlah is an intensive learning program for students from various majors for several months regarding basic technological competencies. #seKODlahprovides knowledge of the basics of technology to students in preparing skills and building portfolios for careers in the digital and technology industry.

The #seKODlah program consists of workshop series such as Project Management, Product Marketing, Business Development, SDGs, Software Developer, Web Developer, and Cybersecurity. Apart from that, there are capstone projects, career coaching, and industry introductions. The #seKODlah students participate in intensive learning and are taught and guided by lecturers and mentors who are experts in their fields.

Among others, CEO of Forest Interactive, Johary Mustapha; CEO of Wallet Codes, Sharon Maurenn; CEO of the Mandiri Insan Bumi Foundation, Zulfa Fauziah; Deputy Head of Project Management, Forest Interactive Sdn. Bhd., Chung Wennie; Country Manager of Forest Interactive Indonesia, Rizka Arsil; and many others.

What They Said About The #seKODlah Program

Rizqina Kurniawati is one of the #seKODlah Batch #4 participants who doesn't have an IT background. The student of International Relations at Budi Luhur University admitted that the #seKODlah program increased her hard skills and soft skills.

"This activity produces benefits, outcomes and outputs such as increasing hard skills and soft skills, forming students' innovative attitudes towards technological developments, preparing quality human resources, developing digital talent and Indonesia's digital economy," said Rizqina.

The participant who won the Most Valuable Participant (MVP) also said that #seKODlah introduces technological career developments for the future, enables students to identify problems in the technological industry, and encourages students to be ready to enter the working field. In addition, #seKODlah also has an understanding of building startups, forming a creative spirit, problem solving, critical thinking, as well as leadership.

The same thing was expressed by Franklin Rafael Geovani, a student of Utilization of Fishery Resources at Universitas Brawijaya. The participant who won the Most Academic Excellence award said he was happy after participating in #seKODlah program because he got new experiences and interesting insights.

"I feel very happy and proud after participating in the #seKODlah x Kampus Merdeka program from Forest Interactive because in my opinion every material given are very important for my career path and my future goals in this era of rapid technological development right now," said Franklin.
"What I also learned from participating in this program is not only to be a good and right leader but to be someone who is adaptive and reliable inhis field by providing a development of new creative ideas and innovations that can be implemented well in the future."

#seKODlah x Kampus Merdeka Batch #5 will be reopening soon. For further information visit the website forestcares.org.

About Forest Interactive Foundation

Founded in 2021as an extension of Forest Interactive’s sustainability initiatives, Forest Interactive Foundation is a tech-powered non-profit organization with a long-term mission to nurture and develop talents for the digital economy, empower our society, and preserve the environment through sustainable initiatives and programs. The Foundation’s three core pillars are Future Innovators, Empowered Communities, and Sustainable Environment.

Since 2006, Forest Interactive has showcased its commitment in those three pillars. Today, Forest Interactive Foundation works with corporate sponsors and government partners such as CIMB Foundation, Axiata Foundation, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), by developing and facilitating flagship programs, demonstrating its commitment and collective effort towards achieving the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Visit forestcares.org to learn more.

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