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I accept the terms & conditions. Logo package is available in various formats and file types such as PNG, SVG and AI. Use the file type that is best suited to the media being used.

Logo Usage (Collaboration)

The logo must stand out clearly from its surroundings.
This applies not only to the background but also to items near the logo (text, photographs and other graphic elements) that might compromise the impact of the logo. It is important to keep the logo clear of any other graphic elements.

To ensure this, an exclusion zone or 'clear space' rule has been established using the F icon. This exclusion zone indicates the closest any other graphic message can be positioned in relation to the marque. The example on this page demonstrates the minimum clear space required which is the height of the F icon from the logo.

Minimum Size

The minimum size for all printed material is 75mm wide and 85 pixels (at 72dpi) for digital on-screen use. The logo should never be used less than this size as this would lead to a compromise in readability. For large formats such as banners, billboards and signages, the logo should be proportionally balanced to the size of the document. In all cases, the logo should never bleed off any edge or be cropped in any way.

The logo must always maintain clear space around it especially for large formats such as those stated above here. This will preserve the integrity of the logo and allow for maximum readability.

Improper Usage

The logo must not be altered or changed in any way and guidelines should always be adhered to. The master logo templates should always be used when putting together collateral.


Color is an engaging and vibrant way to display a brand's character and is an integral part of the identity.