Bridging the Gap: Forest Interactive Foundation Shines New Light On English Language Learning Through #Lingoland in Kedah

August 16, 2023

Bridging the Gap: Forest Interactive Foundation Shines New Light On English Language Learning Through #Lingoland in Kedah

KUALA LUMPUR: Forest Interactive Foundation (FIF), a tech-powered non-profit organization that promotes education and technology, recently hosted an English cultural exchange program at the Kedah State Library in conjunction with the US Embassy.  

The program, held on August 16, 2023, was attended by more than 20 students from two different schools in Kedah, SMK Alor Merah and SMK Mergong.  

In the pursuit of fostering linguistic proficiency and promoting access to quality education, Forest Interactive Foundation partnering with the US embassy and American Corner Kedah has embarked on a remarkable journey by establishing a project named Lingoland to educate the young minds of Malaysia .  

This initiative stands as a beacon of empowerment, providing an invaluable opportunity for young adults to enhance their language skills irrespective of age, background, or prior knowledge.  

“We are very pleased to have hosted this English language program for school teenagers in Kedah,” said Nisa Saharuddin, Community Engagement Lead at Forest Interactive Foundation

The genesis of the Lingoland program can be traced back to the non-profit organization's unwavering commitment to educational empowerment. With a vision to create an inclusive platform for language learning, the program was formed to address the diverse needs of learners, no matter the level of language proficiency.  

The program consisted of various modules governing the aspects of  small talk, spotting the issue and pitching ideas in everyday scenarios. The aim of the program to improve beneficiaries’ overall English language skills with a focus on speaking, listening, and talking.  

“The activities were great, it was very fun and mind-challenging,” said one of the participants, Muhammad Mifdhal Luqman.  

I feel so lucky to be here. It has been a lot of motivation, and it has improved my English skills,” said another participant Putri Zara Mawarni.

The program was conducted by a team of experienced English language talents at the Forest Interactive Foundation.  

“We believe this program will help participants improve their English language skills and become more confident in using the language,” shared Jesmin Merlin, Strategic Partnerships Lead at Forest Interactive Foundation “We are glad to have kick-started Lingoland in partnership with the US Embassy and American Corner Kedah.

The participants of the program expressed their appreciation for the project and gave their feedback. They suggested having  similar workshops and cultural exchange programs to enhance their English language skills.  

Puan Norshahila Hashim, Head of Library and Information Services Sector at the Kedah State Library, hopes that through this program, all the participants can enhance their English skills and help them in their future career.

Forest Interactive Foundation plans to host more educational and enlightening programs in the future. The Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for people to learn English language and other important skills.

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