#HelpOurOwn: Bringing A Smile to Kang Suherman


October 21, 2021

Committed to shaping future innovators, Forest Interactive Indonesia, through its foundation, lends a helping hand to Kang (elder brother) Suherman, the company’s very own contract cleaner for the Bandung office, by donating a laptop to his son, Adriansyah Pratama Putra.

Adriansyah, or more friendly known as Rian, is a tenth-grade student at SMK Negeri 10 Bandung, the first vocational performing art school in West Java. Majoring in Karawitan Art, Rian is passionate about Sundanese traditional arts, especially Pencak Silat (martial art) and Karawitan. His interest in arts has been rooting since he was in primary school where he participated in a Pencak Silat competition. With his passion for arts growing every day, Rian decided to further his study at SMK Negeri 10 Bandung to pursue his dream of becoming a Karawitan artist and a musician.

“We must preserve our Sundanese culture, especially the young generations,” said Rian.
Rian's interest in arts has been rooting since he was in primary school where he participated in a Pencak Silat competition.

Since the pandemic, Kang Suherman’s finances have been on the edge. The demand for cleaning service has decreased, yet he still needs to look after his sick son. His wife, Meylani, used to help him to support the family financially. However, this is no longer the case as Meylani also fell ill. The situation has become challenging for Kang Herman to make ends meet, thus he could not afford to provide a laptop for Rian’s use to continue his online learning at home.

“We understand the challenges to study at home without proper equipment such as a laptop. We hope that the laptop donated to Rian will benefit him in learning Karawitan art online and creating content at home, and at the same time, ease Kang Suherman’s burden,” said Vita Paulina, Operation and Marketing Manager at Forest Interactive Indonesia.

A UN Global Impact member since 2017, Forest Interactive established Forest Interactive Foundation in June this year in tandem with its 15th anniversary to advance the company’s corporate responsibility, sustainable development, and charitable giving goals. Prior to the establishment, Forest Interactive has been partnering with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to fund and collaborate on initiatives such as Level Up @ Schools, Kre8tif!@Schools, #MyDigitalMaker Fair, and more. Since 2016, Forest Interactive's talents have also volunteered as mentors to more than 1,000 students at over 300 schools, inspiring future innovators to pursue their careers in the tech industry.

For more information, visit forestcares.org.

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