Forest Interactive Sponsors UNIMY Convocation Day 2021 to Strengthen Strategic Partnership and Applaud Students in Digital Tech Fields

March 11, 2022

KUALA LUMPUR: In accelerating the digital and technology ecosystem, Forest interactive further strengthens its relationship with UNIMY by sponsoring an industry award for the University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UNIMY)’s second Convocation Day in 2021 to applaud students in the digital technology field for their incredible achievements.  

With over 300 graduates in various fields of digital technology, this sponsorship aimed to inspire UNIMY’s students and their involvement in various areas of the industry.

In an effort to honor students as influential young role models and acknowledge their significant credit and contribution to the university, their peers, the industry, and the community, Forest Interactive’s sponsorship rewarded winning students for their continuous dedication and motivation to strive forward.

As a responsible corporate citizens helping to build future digital tech leaders in Malaysia, this university-industry partnership is an example of Forest Interactive’s commitment to developing future innovators for a more sustainable tomorrow. This partnership highlights the importance of digital technology and the exciting possibilities for UNIMY’s graduates.  With the increasing demand in cloud computing, data analysis, and cybersecurity today, Forest Interactive acknowledges that what’s emerging today may not be trending tomorrow.

The key is in consistent upskilling, learning, and developing, so that future-forward companies can leverage from a pool of talents to fit growing market demands and develop the technologies of the future.

Image credit: UNIMY via Facebook

UNIMY is a university that focuses on the top and emerging technology practices such as big data, cybersecurity, and coding, with 8 focus areas and 13 programs such as Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Software Engineering, and Diploma in Game Development.

In a continued effort to prepare students for jobs of the future, the Forest Interactive Foundation also recently launched #seKODlah, a comprehensive four-month career immersion program, in partnership with the CIMB Foundation.

Applications are now open for those who have completed their final-year study in university, are fresh university graduates, or are currently unemployed aged between 20-25 years old.

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