Forest Interactive Foundation and Axiata Foundation Sprout Collaboration Through Green Bean Programme

October 27, 2023

KUALA LUMPUR, October 24, 2023 - Forest Interactive Foundation sprouts an impactful partnership with Axiata Foundation, as they unveil the Green Bean programme in September to deliver a comprehensive environmental education experience to inspire the next generation of eco-warriors.

Sponsored by the Axiata Foundation, this pioneering initiative engaged students in four primary schools across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor: SK Datok Keramat 2, SK Cheras Jaya, SK Kantan Permai, and SK Taman Segar.

Each school featured 30 students aged between 10-12 years old, who experienced a two-day environmental education programme, a pivotal step in fostering a deep-rooted commitment to environmental conservation among the next generation.  

To combat climate change and its impacts, Forest Interactive Foundation and Axiata Foundation are dedicated to equipping these young learners with the knowledge, skills, and passion needed to become stewards of the environment.

"Environmental education starts from an early age,” shared Johary Mustapha, Founder & CEO of Forest Interactive Foundation. “Without this fundamental education, our future leaders are unable to grasp what’s needed from the beginning of their school life and develop this into their mature adult life. These initiatives are very important for kids so that they can see what sort of changes they can have in terms of preserving the environment for a better tomorrow.”

To cultivate and nurture the next generation of eco-warriors, the first day of the Green Bean programme offered a unique blend of classroom teachings and hands-on outdoor excursions, structured around four key modules:

  1. Environmental Science 101, which featured a build-your-own-solar-panel-car portion;
  1. Environmental Issues 101, which highlighted understanding of climate issues and challenges;
  1. Sustainability 101, which introduced ‘Grow Your Own Food’, the concept of circular economy, and the “Green Bean Innovation Challenge”;
  1. Environmental Advocacy, which involved a pledge to safeguard the environment.  

As an extension of the Environmental Advocacy module, the second day visit to Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) proved to be incredibly rewarding for the kids as it provided them with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature and engage intimately with various animals. During their time at MAEPS, the children had the chance to experience the natural world up close by visiting vegetable and herb gardens and stingless bee and animal farms.

Then, the students in groups of 5, pitched their creative ideas advancing sustainable living to a panel of juries made up of Forest Interactive Foundation and Axiata Foundation representatives, as well as the teacher in charge of the respective school.

“Implementing a programme like Green Bean among school children is essential because it helps develop their understanding of the environment and ecological balance. By introducing them to the impact of human activities on the environment, we can create awareness and a sense of urgency regarding environmental degradation.” said Mohamad Kamal Nawawi, CEO of Axiata Foundation. “By nurturing their passion for the environment and inspiring them to take action, we can build a better future for our planet.”
“We hope to spur more partnerships in the years to come, following the success of this programme. Collectively, we can take urgent action to build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change,” agreed Johary.

Underscoring the shared commitment of both foundations to nurture a greener, more sustainable future, the Green Bean programme meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 – Quality Education, 13 – Climate Action, and 17 – Partnership for the Goals.

About Forest Interactive Foundation

Founded in 2021 as an extension of Forest Interactive’s sustainability initiatives, Forest Interactive Foundation is a tech-powered non-profit organization with a long-term mission to nurture and develop talents for the digital economy, empower our society, and preserve the environment through sustainable initiatives and programmes. The Foundation’s three core pillars are Future Innovators, Empowered Communities, and Sustainable Environment.

Since 2006, Forest Interactive has showcased its commitment to those three pillars. Today, Forest Interactive Foundation works with corporate sponsors and government partners such as CIMB Foundation, Axiata Foundation, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), by developing and facilitating flagship programmes, demonstrating its commitment and collective effort towards achieving the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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About Axiata Foundation

As part of our mission, Axiata Foundation focuses on developing and nurturing young generations with critical skills to develop them into future digital leaders, under its Education Pillar. In addition, Axiata Foundation provides sustainable solutions to elevate quality of life for underserved and marginalized communities through its Community Investments pillar and aims to build a healthier planet through collaboration advocacy and innovation under its Environment Pillar.

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